ANLIN Windows and Doors
"Love for the Home" - Promotional Video
Anlin was looking to create a promotional video in conjunction with a new website and brand identity to give the company a fresh, modern image. I met with the small, internal marketing team to determine the direction and objectives of the video and then made a quick set of storyboards and an animatic to get everyone on the same page.

Since it was made at the height of COVID, I had to gather footage from previous videos and stock videos to cut and with B-Roll I shot in the factory to create a complete story.
After editing everything together, I color corrected all the footage so the video had a cohesive aesthetic.
Animatic for the intro concept.
I also did some VFX work by adding Anlin's logo to the back of the worker's shirt, removed some logos from the machine, changed the background of a clip so the windows matched Anlin's product, and animated the still photo of the house to give it a parallax effect and make it look like a panning camera shot.
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